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"In 16 years of Law Enforcement I have been in a lot of classes and this was by far the best class I have ever been to.  The candor and straight forward presentation was great.  I imagine that if you had more time to present I could have learned a great deal more as to what I could do to help young people escape sex trafficking but more importantly prevent them from ever being victims in the first place."


Police Chief 

Central MN Police Department


"My name is Susanna Huffman, I am one of Dr. Bloom's undergrad TAs. I just wanted to tell how much I really really appreciate you talking in front of the class today. I told Dr. Bloom it was by FAR the most amazing presentation/talk that I have seen since I took the class two years ago. Your story is extremely unique and although most of the class probably does not relate to it on a personal level, the way you spoke today touched the entire class and really drew everyone in.


Everyone I talked to afterwards was absolutely blown away by your courage to get up and talk in front of everyone and the message you sent to the audience. It was truly inspiring and I am extremely grateful that you got up there in front of everyone and shared your story. I am so glad I was able to hear it! So I just wanted to tell you thank you personally from me.. it really brought me an entirely new perspective on the commercial sex world and I think gaining a new perspective like that is going to help me tremendously in my career. Plus I just really enjoyed listening to you open up and talk, and I enjoyed seeing the class be so appreciative as well. So thank you!"


- Susanna Huffman



"I have had multiple students tell me that your presentation was the highlight of the semester. I have taught for many years and I understand group reactions. The group was blown away by you.


Your authenticity, courage, humanness, poise, and willingness to share that part of your life, was an enormous hit with these students. I knew it was going to go well but to be honest, I did not think it would have gone this well. ... Congratulations. It really was a tour de force."


- Doctor and Professor Larry J. Bloom
Colorado State University

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