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Presentations & Trainings

Speaking formats range from slide-based lecture training to delivering frank and honest question and answer sessions, panel discussions, and group discussions.


For the General Public:


Understanding Perspectives Within Prostitution...

  • Behind the Closed Doors of a Complex Culture,

       From a Lens of Someone Who Has Lived It


What's The Harm?

  • Physical & Psychological,

  • Immediate & Lifelong


Multifaceted Prevention

  • Individual, Community, & Macro-Level

  • Preventing Entry & Preventing Demand


For Men:


Reading the Fine Print: Understanding what you're agreeing to when you buy someone to use for your sexual gratification 


Multifaceted Prevention, It's On You.

  • Individual, Community, & Macro-Level

  • Preventing Entry & Preventing Demand


For Service Professionals:


Preventing Entry

  • Messages that Matter for youth and Women

Preventing Demand

  • Messages that Matter for Boys and Men


Prostitution 101

  • Understanding Commercial Sexual Exploitation

  • Understanding the Motives and Needs of Each Party Involved


Working with Sexually Exploited Persons

  • What Doesn't Work, and What Might

  • Complex Emotions 

  • Building a New Identity & Life - Identifying Keys to Success & Preparing for Common Challenges

King speaking to a classroom of psychology students at Colorado State University. 

Oldest Profession in the World?

King during a Safe Harbor training in Dakota county, Minnesota. 

Previous clients include

Minnesota Department of Public Safety – Office of Justice Programs;  The Mayo Clinic Health System, C.A.D.A., Ramsey County Attorney’s Office;  Crow Wing County Attorney’s Office;  Washington County Attorney's Office, 1st Judicial District, MN;  MN State Patrol;  Metro Transit PD, The Women’s Foundation of MN;  Colorado State University;  De LaSalle Highschool;  Willmar Alternative Learning Center;  Lutheran Social Services of Willmar;  Lutheran Social Services of Brainerd;  Alexandria Community Giving;  Le Sueur County Child Protection;  Lasallian Social Justice Institute, Southwest Crisis Center, etc.


  • Governing Officials, Legislators, Judges, Attorneys, etc.

  • Law Enforcement Officials

  • Community- and System-based Victim Advocates

  • Probation/Corrections Agents

  • Medical/Health Care Practitioners

  • Social Service Professionals

  • Youth Workers

  • Restorative Justice Professionals

  • Wall Street 

  • Military Servicemen

  • Professional Sports (Players, Coaches, Owners)

  • High School Students

  • College Students

  • Parents

  • Teachers

  • Counselors

  • Men's Groups

  • Women's Groups

  • Program Directors, Administration and Direct Care Staff working with “troubled” youth in various types of residential  or treatment programs

  • People who want out of "the Life"

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